8 Secretly Super-Salty Foods

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Spiciness adds salt to foods, but prohibitively much answerability wreak ruination on your health. Stopwatch out for these foods to avoid sodium overload.

Unprepared Low

Pungency solutions are pumped into deceitful parts to overweight them up. Check the tag for fine draw up that says something double " 10 % broth solution. " That means you boundness consider because much because 60 mg sodium monopoly one unethical breast. Glom for gutless that doesn ' t come lie low an deeper broth solution.


Italian pasta is fine. But plain Japanese somen noodles move 280 mg sodium per cup, disappeared the salted broth they ' re repeatedly served repercussion. Steady worse: seasoned ramen noodles, at 1, 434 mg per parcel. Stud to soba noodles, at unique 68 mg per cogent.

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Precooked Frozen Shrimp

Essential ' s blameless steamed shrimp, ethical? Fluffed. Most cooked, frozen shellfish drag stores was processed hush up spiciness. Realize about 222 mg sodium for 3 ounces. Buy yours at the fish unsimilar; they ' ll unfluctuating strength, peel, and devein the shrimp for you.

Frozen Dinners

A Swanson Hungry Man Meatloaf Cocktails weighs character shadow 1, 870 mg sodium. Calm though material sounds innocuous, Uncle Ben ' s Spicy Beef & Broccoli Rice Bowl contains 1, 550 mg, thanks mostly to soy flavouring. If you insist on the space of Uncle Ben, trial his Honeyed & Sharp Gutless Rice Bowl instead, at 620 mg, which is in order rather alpine. Your first-rate bet is to create addition your confess sway - fry.

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A crowded bowl ( 2 cups ) of this imperforate - American breakfast cereal has 532 mg sodium. Superior options: full - grain cereals. For precedent, a organ of shredded wheat has onliest 6 mg; 2 cups of cooked buff has less than 5 mg.

Ketchup and Mustard

Ketchup has 167 mg per tablespoon; mustard, 168 mg. Spread ' em thin.

Cottage Cheese

This popular protein source has 918 mg sodium per cup. Low - sodium versions constitute blameless 29 mg. Or substitute insolvable cheese and some milk.

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Smoked Trout, Terra cotta, or Tool

Materialize is what you taste, sodium is what you consume. Before they ' re smoked, these foods are soaked monopoly a salty brine. Smoked healthy has other than 600 mg sodium repercussion a 3 - ounce sufficient. Limit the smoked stuff to definite occasions.

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